Crook O Lune Caravan Park

Situated at a bend in the river Lune, notable for it's trout and salmon fishing. Crook O Lune is a holiday home park near the village of Caton, where there is real ale at the Ship Inn pub.8 Reviews

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Address:Caton, Lancashire, England
Postcode:LA2 9HP
Telephone:01524 770216
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February To January


  • Dog Friendly
  • Laundry
  • Restaurant
  • Bar

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Crook O Lune Caravan Park 4.0 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. 8 user reviews.

barrie 5 Star Rating  21st September 2014

just bought van on site the place is great staff so helpful and the people on the sit great going to be very happy at the crook
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Voice of honesty 5 Star Rating  26th April 2012

I have owned on the park for a long time and have to say, now that the new owners of the park (Pure Leisure) have taken over and started selling holiday homes again there is a definate change of feeling at Crook O' Lune. They have brought in a fabulous new manager who has lots of experience and some of the deals to be had on park are pretty special from what i have been told! I might be upgrading my holiday home myself! Good Luck to the new team and thank you for making Crook O' Lune so special over again. All those who left the park are probably now regretting doing so.
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HAPPY 5 Star Rating  19th August 2011

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woody 2 Star Rating  1st January 2011

do all the empty plots not give the answers you need. glad to be off !
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Ronnie nd Wendy 4 Star Rating  30th November 2010

Hi We are Looking to buy a place next year at Crooke O'Lune.
If we spend our hard earned cash on a Holiday place no one or Mafia will tell or spoil my Holiday Retreat.

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Tripper 5 Star Rating  6th August 2010

I have been on the park for over 15years and have never heard or seen anything that resembles a Mafia. Every one is friendly including the management and will not only stop and pass the time of day but are willing to help or give assistance if needed. If they had spoken to a number of people they will have found like us a that you cannot make a judgement from just one person, as there is always one that will complain and if these people were unhappy with the park, why have they not moved.
In our opinion it is one of the best park in the north west, with out the big prices of the lakes.
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Be Fair  5th August 2010

In response to Voice Of Reason the so-called Mafia can't be very effective; we've been on the site for 4 years and not come across anyone behaving as described. Most will greet you in passing, some will have a "passing the time of day" type chat, but no-one has been pretentious or tried daily to control us! If they're here, we know nothing of them, and how you can tell that from what seems to be one visit, I'm not sure.... Please don't let that review put you off.
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Voice of reason 2 Star Rating  24th July 2010

Visited here recently after hearing great things about the place in the past, I was considering buying a caravan on this site.

The site is well laid out and spotlessly clean.

I found the site to be just too pretentious, with a number of owners that make it their daily business to try to control the rest of the site and visitors.

It would appear that if the 'Crook O Lune mafia' don't take to you, then it's not an easy place to settle into.

Take my advice, drive a further 25 mins north and visit the Lake District.
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